HT850UPS 120v 750VA 450W – Tripp Lite



Output Capacity in Ampere Volts (VA)750
Output Capacity (Watts)450
Nominal Output Voltage (s) Supported (s)110V; 115V; 120V
Nominal Voltage Details115 V nominal output in battery backup mode
Frequency Compatibility60 Hz
Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode)8%, -21%
Regulation of the output voltage (battery mode)/- 5%
Receptacles(12) 5-15R
UPS output receptacles (surge suppression only)6 UPS receptacles, 6 outlets only anti-surge
Options PDU Hot-SwapPDUB15 (2U / 8 Receptacles 5-15R)
Output AC Waveform (AC Mode)Sinusoidal Wave
Output AC waveform (Battery mode)PWM sinusoidal wave
Input specified current (Maximum Load)12A
Nominal Voltage (s) of Supported Input (s)120V CA
Type of UPS input connection5-15P; In Right angle
Length of the UPS power cord (feet)6
Length of the UPS Power Cord (m)1.8
Recommended Electric Service15A 120V
MonophonicEntry Phase
Autonomy at Half Load (min.)4 min. (450W)
System DC voltage (VCD)10 min. (225W).
System DC voltage (VCD)12
Replacement Internal Battery Cartridge for UPSRBC51?
Access to the Battery Access door to the battery
Description of battery replacementHot-Swap batteries, replaceable by the use
Autonomy ExpandableNo
The Instalation Form Factors are Supported with the Optional TowerAccessories; Ultra-compact for desktop
Primary Form FactorDesktop
Dimensions of the UPS Power Module (H x W x D / cm10.16 x 30.48 x 17.78
Weight of the UPS Power Module (kg)6.89
Dimensions of Envi? (Al x An x Pr / cm)13.97 x 36.83 x 24.76
Shipping Weight (kg)7.44
UPS Cabinet MaterialABS
Height of the UPS Primary (mm)102
Primary UPS Width (mm)305
Depth of the UPS Primary (mm)178


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