Cisco UCS C460 M4

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Superior performance for critical mission workloads

The C460 M4 rack server from Cisco UCS delivers exceptionally high performance and reliability to power most business mission-critical computing and memory applications and virtualized workloads.

Characteristics and capabilities

The C460 M4 Rack Server is ideal for the most demanding mission and business mission workloads, large-scale virtualization and database applications.

Either as a stand-alone server or in operations managed by UCS, customers get the benefits of this server’s high capacity memory when large memory footprints are required. Examples include:

SAP workloads

Database applications and data storage

Great virtualized environments

Real-time financial applications

Java-based workloads

Server consolidation

Specifications at a glance

Rack of four racks (4RU)

Either 2 or 4 Intel processors? Xeon? E7-4800 / 8800 v2, v3 or v4 CPU of the product family

Up to 6 terabytes (TB) of dual data rate memory 3 (DDR3) or dual data rate memory 4 (DDR4) in 96 dual inline memory slots (DIMM)

12 bays of accessible form factor (SFF) disk drive with support for hot pluggable SAS / SATA / SSD disk drives. Two drive bays can be used for PCIe SSDs.

Up to 2 PCIe SSDs

10 PCI Express (PCIe) Gen 3 slots compatible with Cisco UCS virtual interface cards and third-party adapters and GPUs

Two Gigabit Ethernet LAN-on-motherboard (LOM) ports and two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports

A dedicated out-of-band management port (OOB)


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