Cisco GLC-BX40-U-I Transceiver Module 1000BASE-BX 1310nm TX/1550nm RX 40km


1000BASE-BX40-D and 1000BASE-BX40-U for bi-directional single-fiber applications

The Cisco GLC-BX40-D-I, GLC-BX40-DA-I, and GLC-BX40-U-I SFPs operate on a single strand of standard SMF.

A GLC-BX40-D-I or GLC-BX40-DA-I device connects to a GLC-BX40-U-I device with a single standard string

SMF with an operational transmission range of up to 40 km.

Communication over a single fiber filament is achieved by separating the transmission wavelength from the two

dispositives. The GLC-BX40-D-I, GLC-BX40-DA-I and GLC-BX40-U-I SFPs are also compatible with digital optical monitoring

(DOM) operates in accordance with the standard multiservice agreement (MSA) of the SFF-8472 industry. This characteristic gives

the end user has the ability to monitor the real-time parameters of the SFP, such as the optical output power, the optical input

power, temperature, laser polarization current and transceiver supply voltage.


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