Cisco ASA 5525-X with FirePOWER Services



Up to 1 Gbps FW
Multi-service capacity
8 X 1 GE
1 RU
Characteristics and Benefits
Cisco ASA with FirePOWER Services provides:
? Visibility and precise control of the application (AVC). More than 3,000 levels of application and risk-based controls can invoke tailor-made IPS threat detection policies to improve the effectiveness of security.
? Cisco ASA leader in the industry with FirePOWER NGIPS. Highly effective threat prevention and full contextual awareness of users, infrastructure, applications and content help you detect multivector threats and automate defense response.
? Reputation and URL filtering based on categories. This filtering provides a complete alert and control over the suspicious web traffic. Impose policies on hundreds of millions of URLs in more than 80 categories.
? Advanced protection against malware. Effective fault detection with low TCO offers protection value. Discover, understand and stop malware and emerging threats that bypass other layers of security.


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