Cisco Aironet 1850e

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Product description:   Ideal for small and medium networks, the Cisco series? Aironet? 1850 offers industry-leading performance for the enterprise and service provider markets through four-space, enterprise-class 4×4 MIMO access points that support the new IEEE Wave 2 802.11ac specification. . The Aironet 1850 series extends support to a new generation of Wi-Fi customers, such as smartphones, tablets and high-performance laptops that have 802.11ac Wave 1 or Wave 2 compatibility.   Characteristics and Benefits:   With 802.11ac Wave 2, the Aironet 1850 series provides a data rate of up to 1.7 Gbps on the 5 GHz radio, more than triple the rates offered by today’s high-end 802.11n access points. It also allows a total aggregate dual-rate data rate of 2.0 Gbps, providing the necessary foundation for networks of service providers and companies to remain at the forefront of performance and bandwidth expectations and the needs of their customers. Wireless users.   Due to its convenience, wireless access is increasingly the preferred form of network connectivity for corporate users. Along with this change, there is an expectation that the wireless connection should not slow down the daily work of users, but should allow a high performance experience while allowing users to move freely. The 1850 series offers industry leading performance for highly secure and reliable wireless connections, and provides a solid mobility experience that includes:   802.11ac Wave 2 with multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology with four spatial streams when operating in single-user MIMO mode and three spatial transmissions while operating in multi-user MIMO mode, offering 1.7 Gbps for greater capacity and reliability than competitive access points.   MIMO multiuser, which allows the simultaneous transmission of data to multiple clients compatible with 802.11ac Wave 2 to improve the customer experience. Prior to multi-user MIMO, Wave 1 access points of 802.11n and 802.11ac could transmit data to only one client at a time, usually referred to as the single user MIMO.   Transmit beamforming technology to improve downlink performance for mobile devices, including one, two, and three spatial flow devices in 802.11ac, while improving the battery’s life on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.   The flexible implementation mode through the Cisco Mobility Express solution is ideal for small or medium deployments that require multiple access points. The easy configuration allows the 1850 series to be implemented in networks without a physical controller.   Product specifications:   -Software Unified Cisco wireless network software version with AireOS wireless controllers: or later for access points of the Cisco Aironet 1850 series Deployment modes Centralized local, Standalone *, Sniffer, Cisco FlexConnect ?, Monitor, OfficeExtend, Mesh **   Supported wireless LAN controllers Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controllers, Cisco 3500 Series Wireless Controllers, Cisco Wireless Controller Module for ISR G2, Cisco Wireless 2 (WiSM2) Switching Module for Catalyst Switches ? 6500 Series, Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers, Cisco Flex? Wireless Controllers? Series 7500, Cisco 8500 Series Wireless Controllers, Cisco 5760 Series Wireless Controllers **, Cisco Catalyst 3650/3850 Series Switch with Integrated Controller ** Cisco Mobility Express   -802.11n version 2.0 (and related functions) MIMO 4×4 with four space transmissions Maximum Relationship Combinations (MRC) Channels of 20 and 40 MHz PHY data rates up to 600 Mbps (40 MHz with 5 GHz) Adding packages: A-MPDU (Tx / Rx), A-MSDU (Tx / Rx) Dynamic frequency selection 802.11 (DFS) Support Cyclic Shift Diversity (CSD)   -802.11ac Wave Capabilities 1 and 2 MIMO 4×4 with four space transmissions, user MIMO? Nico MIMO 4×4 with three space transmissions, multi-user MIMO MRC conformation of the 802.11ac beam (formation of the transmission beam) Channels of 20, 40 and 80 MHz PHY data rates up to 1.7 Gbps (80 MHz in 5 GHz) Adding packages: A-MPDU (Tx / Rx), A-MSDU (Tx / Rx) 802.11 DFS CSD support Fake device detection


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